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GEET RECORDS is a dynamic and continuously growing company creating a buoyant in Indian Music climate. The company is focused on generating quality music & films prosperity for the up growing talent , while growing harmoniously with the community and environment. GEET RECORDS is among the top Indian Music giants of India. GEET RECORDS is among the top Indian Music giants of India. Whats more, the company is one of the largest publishers & producers of audio – video content in India.

Strong business ethics, with high moral values, excellence in business, productive work environment, continuous improvement through sound corporate governance and dynamic employee engagement is the success of the company. At GEET RECORDS you can listen and download the music albums, songs, ringtones, download wallpapers online and much more.Making way in India as an music-based company in 2013, Under the dynamic leadership our CEO and MD of the group , company continues to grow embracing new challenges, expanding boundaries and creating new opportunities in different fields.

GEET RECORDS has initiated affiliations with several International and national media marketing houses. These include pioneering activities in India like contents making and marketing. Some of the media houses that are associated with us

We are working hard to give the artist " value/money for his hard work ". And yes, we work hard to sell your music,songs,videos, artwork, lyrics,scripts, stories, concept,photos, posters,demo, ads etc. because thats what a artist can sell and generate money and fame.

We forward our hands for the artists to give them a start and serve our best to underground artists as well and try to establish them among the stable ones.Lets give them a chance equally ,at least once. We watched and analyzed the fire and dreams of yours to fly high with no boundaries.

We are more efficient and most profitable music seller. we know what you are searching for, so we gather your data, requirements, music, videos, scripts, etc more efficiently and sell it in more profitable manner ,never before in India, with crystal clear transparency .When we sat down to start our own thing two years ago we wanted to make something that was not just another famous/stylish name which is demanding huge money for giving you a LABEL or official release .We give you the right way to understand the industry and approach in a professional manner.

We spend our time & skills, building a one stop service station, which people wanted to use because it works and generate money for them and make their lives better in a financial way.An Artist wakes up excited to see how he/she can get more fans, more growth, more money, more reach & advertisings, more news & blogs about him/her but no one is there to think about there dreams and to show them a better way, so we are here now.

At our company, a significant portion of our engineering team spends their day tuning data mining, writing better blogs, uploading your music officially to collect royalties on your behalf, making sure you grow day by day with us...

A Proper Brand name to Launch you in a competitive market of music & entertainment industry.

Providing all possible in house platforms digital,outdoor & print advertising including youtube presence,creatives,posters etc

Arranging/Providing live show business to the artists

Managing the profile & portfolio of the artist

Providing PR & media support to the artist

Providing a proper platform with specialized team to take care of the career of artist.

Making a quality Music video in a competitive pricing & playing it on reputed TV channels.

Cds to be distributed all across network as one of the promotional tool.

Providing workshops for grooming of an artist.

Providing music support in a well equipped recording studio.

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